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Having a Twin Pregnancy? Everything You Need to Know is Here!

Pregnancy can cause feelings of uncertainty, especially when you have a twin pregnancy. There are rules to live by and there are things you used to do that you are no longer able to during this period. Now, imagine having a twin pregnancy. The ugly truth is, while it means double blessings for you, it also means double the worry as well. In fact, a twin pregnancy might change everything you know about being pregnant.

A lot of things have already been said about twin pregnancies from moms across the world who have gone through it. It means growing larger and heavier, having more scheduled scans, and experiencing additional stress. In other words, a twin pregnancy is a heightened singleton pregnancy with higher risks.

So, it is vital for any pregnant woman who is expecting twins to research and learn more about it. This infographic is a quick yet comprehensive guideline to a twin pregnancy on a week-by-week basis. Here, you will learn how your twins develop from week 1 to delivery. You will learn about how your body will change over nine months and how this development affects your overall mood and health.

Additionally, this infographic provides tips and reminders, which can be very useful for your baby’s well-being and yourself. It reminds you to quit your bad habits in the first month, think about your babies’ names in the fourth month, and to walk in the sun in the seventh month. All this information is in one infographic to help you go through this rollercoaster of an experience. Read on to learn more.

Week by Week Guide to Twin Pregnancy