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Fun Maternity Halloween Costumes!

I have had the lucky pleasure (Ha!) of being pregnant twice on Halloween. Lucky me, I could not enjoy alcohol but I could chow down on candy and dress up my bump twice.

maternityhalloweenBack in 2011 when I was pregnant with my daughter I came across this maternity tee shirt which I used in my costume. I recommend getting one of these shirts because you can wear it all month and it's a fun way to announce your pregnancy. They also can be incorporated into pretty much any costume you can come up with.

I used my tee shirt and was a pregnant zombie for Halloween that year. I was a big Walking Dead fan (still am) so that was my inspiration. During my second pregnancy I used the tee shirt again with a devil cape. It definitely has received plenty of use!


If you would like to get one of these tee shirts you can find several options on Amazon. I don't see my exact shirt anymore but there are similar ones available. I recommend sizing up because you never know it is going to fit over your bump and you can always wash it to shrink if needed.

halloween maternity tee shirt

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 7.49.00 PMhalloween maternity tee shirt

A bun in the oven

Now this may not be the most original idea but it fits and is a great way to announce your pregnancy if you haven't yet. The most affordable one I have seen can be found here.

bun in the oven halloween costume

And there is a little bit nicer bun in the oven costume here.

Bacon and Eggs

You can hide your pregnancy in this costume or dress it up and make it your own. Get creative! It can be found here.

bacon and eggs maternity costume

A pregnant nun

Now this is not officially a maternity costume but who wouldn't love a pregnant nun? This is a one size/plus size outfit to accommodate the belly.

pregnant nun costume

If you do not need plus size here is a regular size nun costume.

A few more costume ideas I have seen include:

Painting your belly as a pumpkin.

Dressing in black and making your belly a magic eight ball.

A pregnant bride at a shotgun wedding.

A bloody belly with hands protruding out of it like the baby is trying to escape. I liked this idea the first time around but my husband thought it was too gross ha.

I hope this gives you a few fun ideas. Pregnancy is not always easy but if you find yourself pregnant on halloween take advantage of it and have some fun!


Tuesday 11th of September 2018

Found the shirt on print on demand site named ViralStyle


Saturday 10th of September 2016

Nice idea. FInd some more great tips for Halloween Party Ideas