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Figure 8 Maternity Stylish Nursing Pajamas

I love love love nursing pajamas. I have written so many posts about how great they are for pregnancy and breastfeeding. I have pajamas from four plus years ago I am still wearing, they are definitely a pregnant and nursing mom staple.

My favorite place for nursing pajamas is Figure 8 Maternity. Just in time for the holidays all of their stylish nursing gowns and pajamas are 20% off.

PJ Sale 20% off at Figure 8 Maternity

Nursing pajamas make a wonderful gift for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman anytime of year but especially during the holidays. I can personally vouch that the products at Figure 8 Maternity are gorgeous, quality, and will hold up for a long time.

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Here I am wearing nursing pj's in the hospital after the birth of my baby:

Birth of Baby Number Three