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Do I Need a Glider for Breastfeeding?

Each time I am pregnant I join a due date group. This is a great way to meet women who are about to have a baby around the same time as you. We always discuss everything related to pregnancy and beyond, including what kind of gear we need to buy. A question I always see come up is whether a glider or rocking chair is needed for breastfeeding.

Glider for breastfeeding

I am going to go ahead and say you don't need anything but your breasts for breastfeeding haha.. obvious right. But yes there are items out there that will make it easier and more comfortable for you. Those items can also steer you towards success. For me especially, comfortable seating is a must! I have had lower back issues on and off since having my first baby. I remember hunching over her on my bed, trying to sit up and support her with pillows, while straining my back and it was not good. Once I started using a glider with a nursing stool it changed everything.

I am completely comfortable now nursing in a laid back position, or a side lying position in bed. You might be wondering if I co-sleep why would I need a glider? But nursing comfortably in bed did not come to me immediately. Sometimes with a newborn it is hard to support them perfectly while lying in bed, and a glider or other type of comfortable chair can make a huge difference.

I found the most comfortable place to nurse to be my very supportive recliner type couch, and the gliders I purchased for both of my children's nurseries. I bought the same one for both babies since I liked it so much. I didn't even share the same one because my daughter loves to sit in it and read and I did not want to take it away from her when baby #2 arrived.

Both of my children slept in my room for most of their first year. I think it's important to have your babies near you for breastfeeding. But I still believe the glider was a more than worthwhile investment. I used it from day one to sit in the nursery and rock, breastfeed, and read. I spent more time in those chairs for the first couple of years of both of children's lives than anywhere else in the house.

So yes, I think a glider is a great piece to get when you are building your nursery or figuring out what baby gear is needed. Of course you can get by without it, but I wouldn't want to try. If you are planning to co-sleep you can always put it in your room and move it later. Even once I could nurse in bed it was nice to have the supportive chair to sit in during the middle of the night when needed.

I wish I could recommend my specific glider because I love it, but it does not appear to be for sale any longer. It is a Dutailier and very similar to the two listed below. They are expensive but I believe it is worth it. My first one is still going strong almost four years later and I have purchased two, never having an issue with either.

Dutailier glider with matching ottoman. You can find this one on Amazon.

Glider for breastfeeding

This is the most similar glider I could find to mine. It is pricey but so comfortable and supportive. Most of these gliders recline, rock and lock in place when needed. You can find it here.

Glider for breastfeeding

I have also heard questions about whether a stool is necessary when nursing. I wrote an entire post dedicated to nursing stools. My thought is yes, it is needed! I don't think any of these gliders would be as comfortable without a stool to properly position your legs. You can find a basic one like those listed in my article, or an ottoman with a pop out nursing stool like this one below. I have both types.

nursing stool ottoman

I do not have this glider from Stork Craft but it is one of the most recommended at a very reasonable price. While I do not believe it is quite the quality of Dutailier it is much lower priced.  You can check out the reviews here.


Glider for breastfeeding


Yep, I do believe a nice glider makes nursing easier. While you can nurse anywhere, it is helpful to have proper positioning. Especially in those early days. It's funny how much harder it can feel to nurse a newborn than an older baby. They are smaller but they need more support. A great chair can definitely help! Please let me know if you have a favorite glider?

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Friday 12th of July 2019

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