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Car Seat Safety - An Infographic Explains Why You Must Keep Your Child Rear Facing As Long As Possible

Car accidents are the biggest safety risk to our babies and children, yet most people install and use their carseats incorrectly.

I know throughout the life of my three children making sure I got our carseat right was a huge priority to me. I keep my kids rear facing as long as possible and always have our carseat installs checked.

Following some simple car seat rules and making sure your seat is installed and used correctly can save lives.

Making sure to register your carseat is important as well. If your carseat is registered you will be notified in the case of a recall. You can read more about the importance of registering your carseat here.

I am sharing this car seat safety infographic with permission from the Parenting Pod:

Share this with other parents to help prevent unnecessary injuries and deaths!

car seat infographic

Veronica Mitchell

Saturday 24th of March 2018

I've always been told that rear-facing car seat is the safest strategy for kids although I must say I never really bothered reading about it. Putting info-graphics about the benefits of having a car seat face the rear really got my attention this time. Thankfully, I now understand how it works and why it is so important. I would have to ask my husband how he feels about this. :)