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Breastfeeding Must Have! Breast Soothing Pack With Hot and Cold for Nursing Pain and Discomfort

When my first baby was born, I struggled with breastfeeding right after birth and needed to pump to bring in my milk supply. Once my milk came in and I got the hang of breastfeeding and pumping, wow did I have some serious engorgement and oversupply.

Breastfeeding Must Have! Breast Soother With Hot or Cold TherapyThe pain I experienced with her was the worse I have had between breastfeeding three children (thanks first born!). It's probably due to all the extra pumping but what did I know, she was my first. To deal with my engorgement, I alternated putting warm washcloths and ice packs on my breasts.

I also experienced mastitis twice with my first baby and used warm washcloths again. Now, I have gone on to have two more children, and have experienced all of this again to some degree. The difference now is that there are breast soothers you can buy to soothe your breasts with hot or cold. This is much more efficient and less messy than washcloths and ice packs.

This gel free breast soothing pack is made of all natural ingredients. This is great for the mama who does not prefer gel, and wants something softer and more natural. It works just as well or better and is comfortable.

The Breast Soother is filled with natural flax seed and made in the USA. It is all cotton and has no gel or chemicals and can be used warm or cold. Warm is good for encouraging milk let down and preventing clogged ducts, and cold is great for relieving swelling and engorgement.

Another awesome feature of this soother is that it can be used while nursing your baby. It has an opening for your inner breast and nipple and the material is soft.

Breast Soother With Hot or Cold Therapy

Here is some information from the manufacturer:

Breast Soother's are designed to provide all natural comfort & pain relief for symptoms experienced during nursing and weaning. Handmade from soft, cozy 100% cotton fabric and natural flax seed. Crafted into a graceful curve that easily slips into a nursing bra or tank. Use heated to encourage let- down, and prevent clogged milk ducts or chilled to relieve breast tenderness. Slip hot or cold Breast Soother into nursing bra for targeted relief. The stylish and flexible design provides natural, soothing comfort for mama and baby. Filled with 100% natural flax seed, unscented.

Breast Soother With Hot or Cold Therapy

Here's how to use the Breast Soother:


  1. Place in microwave
  2. Allow turntable to rotate freely
  3. Microwave pair 30-60 sec (single 20-30 sec)
  4. Do not exceed 60 sec total for pair (30 sec total single)
  5. Check the temperature for desired warmth
  6. After heating, gently shift herbs from side to side

Be careful not to overheat!


  1. Seal in a plastic bag
  2. Place in freezer for 1-2 hours
  3. Can be stored in freezer

Please let me know if you have any questions about this Breast Soother at all. I have personally tried them and they are great!

You can purchase the Breast Soother here!