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Common Challengesbaby-nursing and Questions

This can encompass so many things but I am mostly going to focus on the every day challenges we run into while breastfeeding. I am not a lactation consultant so if you are dealing with any medical issues related to breastfeeding such as latch problems, tongue tie or mastitis please get yourself to a lactation consultant or the La Leche League  stat! They are wonderful and can really help you. I have written about my experiences with these but you should definitely seek help right away for these kinds of issues.

That said, I am a mom just like you who has had her share of these issues while breastfeeding including a couple of those listed above. This is a place for me to talk about it all and share what has and has not worked for me. I've experienced all kinds of things and I can't wait to talk about them here.

Some of the subjects covered here will include:

These are just some of the challenges that can come up.

I will address others as well and if you ever have any you are wondering about please contact me and let me know!

Breastfeeding Timeline and Stages

It starts minutes after your baby is born and can last until they are a toddler or older in some cases. It has highs and lows and is an emotional roller coaster. The timeline changes a lot and quickly as you move along. As a new mom it's so hard to know what is 'normal' or what to expect when breastfeeding. In the beginning it can feel hard or like it may never get easier or move along but it does.

There are different things to expect at different times, nursing your newborn in the hospital is going to be very different than nursing a one year old. I am going to lay out here what you may experience as you move along in your breastfeeding relationship.

This is a place to talk about the breastfeeding experience including the emotional, physical and everything in between needs we have as nursing moms.






Monday 4th of August 2014

Hello, I enjoyed reading your informative website. I am a mother also and I understand the struggles of breastfeeding. Great job addressing some of the issues us mothers tend to have. Overall your website looks great so far! :)


Tuesday 5th of August 2014

Thank you Ashley!