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Beaugen Breast Pump Nipple Cushion

I was sent a Beaugen Breast Pump Cushion to facilitate my review.

I recently got the chance to try a new product; a breast pump nipple cushion. Of course it is a mom created product. I have pumped off and on with all three of my children and wished I had a softer surface to place against my breast than the typical flange. I have seen a few flanges with this kind of cushion surface, but they were never the brands I was using.

Now there is a breast pump nipple cushion that will work with almost almost all types and sizes of flanges, including the well known brands most of us use. The Beaugen website lists the exact sizes of flanges and pumps so check there to make sure yours is compatible.

The nipple cushion is made out of a food-safe, FDA-compliant, medical-grade material. It is super soft and stretchy.

BG Nipple Cushion Pink (1) (1)

The nipple cushion comes in an attractive small box and packaging.

beaugen pumping nipple cushion

Inside you will find two nipple cushions and instructions.

beaugen pumping nipple cushion

I went ahead and tried it out immediately. I realized as soon as I started pumping that it wasn't positioned correctly. The pink shield should be completely unrolled in the flange neck part. You can see where it goes here though.

beaugen pumping nipple cushion

There are tips for getting a good fit on the beaugen website.

I love this product and idea. I especially love that it was created by another mom. Pumping is not fun, and anything to make it more comfortable for us is a win.