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All Natural Teething Remedies

I am happy to offer a guest post today from Jess at Parent.Guide.

Having a teething child in the home can be somewhat distressing for everyone. While some of the older children will be able to understand what's happening, the baby won't understand why his mouth aches so much. Teething always tends to happen in the same way each time. After several days or even weeks of the baby being irritable or fussy, you will notice how his mouth suddenly seems to have a red bulge. This explains his fussiness and whining. What are some of the natural remedies that you can use to help with teething?

Natural Teething Remedies

Remedy #1: Apply Cold

Applying something cold to your little one's mouth can help to numb his gums and soothe him from the pain of teething. You have several easy and free ways that you could potentially do it. In fact, you probably have some of the items in your home already. For example, you might partially freeze a wet cloth and clean it. You will let him chew on the wet cloth to help numb the area and lower the amount of swelling. In some cases, babies won't have much of an appetite while teething. To help them with eating, you might offer cool and soft foods. One example of this would be chilled fruit or applesauce. You might even use homemade yogurt.

You could also give your baby an ice cube and place it in a secured and small muslin bag. Mesh baby feeders aren't the best because of how difficult it can be to clean them, but the silicone ones available today can be exceptionally handy for a teething baby. You might push partially frozen fruit in them like a banana.

Remedy #2: Add Pressure

You can often tell when a baby has begun to teeth because of how he will chew everything in sight. He's similar to a puppy in this way. The counter-pressure helps him to soothe his teething pain, and he will chew on everything from fingers to toys to furniture. You don't have any shortage of soft and colorful baby teething toys to choose from, but you should always exercise caution and make sure this is what you would want your baby to chew on. You can still find some that will be comfortable for him and cute. One of the most convenient and simple teething tools would be to use your own hand that is clean. Provided that you can handle the gnawing, you might offer him a knuckle that he can chew away on. You might also choose Haba Toys because of how they have been made to a strict European safety standard, and it will give you a colorful array of toys for your baby.

Remedy #3: Teething Jewelry

Wearing a teether can also help. This is a silicone teething necklace. What makes it handy is how it doesn't fall on the ground nor will it distract the baby from pulling at it.

Remedy #4: Chamomile

Chamomile has often been praised because of how it has a soft and soothing effect. It relaxes the nerves of the body and helps to soothe the pain. When you have a baby, you don't want to be too far away from chamomile in the home. You can use chamomile in a couple different ways to soothe the baby's teething pain.

First, you might make a weak tea out of it and freeze it in some ice cube trays. Then you take a muslin bag and secure it tightly. Your baby can now gnaw on the bag to benefit from the chamomile as it melts. This also has the advantage of the cold on his gums. Tincture is another way that you could soothe his pain. You might add a drop on your finger and rub it onto the baby's gums. This will soothe the pain of teething.

Remedy #5: Amber Teething Necklace

Over the years, amber necklaces have gained a great deal of popularity. The theory of them is how the warmth of the baby's body will help to release the succinic acid that you might find in Baltic amber. The advantage of Succinic acid is how it can help you to relieve the pain in the baby's body. While it can be difficult to prove one way or the other if these necklaces will be effective for helping your baby through teething, you have many reviews and testimonials that have shared the success stories that came from it. It should, however, be obvious that you should always take exceptional care whenever you put something around your baby's neck. In addition, you should remove this when he goes to sleep. This remedy might not be successful for all babies.

Perhaps you have tried one of these teething remedies. Which ones did you find the most helpful and which ones did you find weren't as successful? Leave a comment below for an active discussion of the best natural remedies to help your baby through the teething process. This process can be a tough time for mom, dad and baby all at the same time.

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Rose Alvina

Thursday 24th of March 2022

Thanks for sharing such an amazing and informative blog. All the things related to natural teething remedies are really great. Keep up sharing such kind of helpful blogs which is good for others.