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What You Should and Shouldn’t Do During Pregnancy

This is a guest post from Tracey Montford at Cake Maternity.

Pregnancy is an exciting time and for new mums can be a time of uncertainty.

Surround yourself with positive like-minded people who can help you to navigate through your journey.

What you should and shouldn’t do during pregnancy - Breastfeeding Needs

What you should do during pregnancy

Eat well

Avoid too many processed foods.   Eat a variety of foods from the food pyramid to ensure balance.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, particularly green leafy vegetables and brightly coloured fruits.

Eat good quality red meats and fish to ensure you get your daily requirement of protein.

Eat low GI carbohydrates such as brown rice, grains and whole meal pasta and breads. 

A good balance of all these foods will help to give you the much-needed energy both you and your baby need.  They will also help to keep you fuller for longer.

What you should and shouldn’t do during pregnancy - Breastfeeding Needs


Exercise is extremely important and should be maintained throughout your pregnancy and beyond. 

Exercise will help to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy without complications or complaints.  It will also help to prepare your body for labor. 

A fit strong body will handle the endurance of a long labor better than that of an unfit body.


Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Always carry a bottle of water around with you so that you can top up when necessary.


Ensure you get plenty of rest.  Listen to your body and take naps if required.

Establish a bedtime routine and stick to it.   

8 hours of sleep a night is desirable.

Check ups

Make sure you attend all of your scheduled check ups.  Should you feel like you need more or have a problem, make sure you seek medical advice immediately. 

Note: don’t wait until your next scheduled appointment, as it could be too late. 

Take vitamins

It is a good idea to take vitamins during pregnancy.  Vitamins will help to top you up to ensure both you and baby is getting the essential vitamins and minerals required to keep you both healthy.

Always seek medical advice first before starting on a vitamin supplement.


Wear appropriate clothing that is non-restrictive and not too tight.

Choose light fabrics that keep you cool. E.g. cotton, bamboo, modals.

Invest in good quality maternity bra to ensure your now larger bust is correctly supported and comfortable.

What you shouldn’t do during pregnancy


Should be avoided completely.

Drugs and alcohol are not only harmful to you but are extremely harmful to your unborn child.

Should you be addicted to any of the above, consult a medical expert for advice and guidance to give up.

Prescription drugs

Consult with your healthcare provider before taking any prescription drugs, to ensure they are not harmful to the development of your unborn child.

Deli foods

Avoid foods that are bought in a deli.

E.g. cold meats, olives, salads, unpasteurized dairy etc.

Foods that sit for long periods of time are acceptable to bacteria and other harmful diseases that are very dangerous if consumed by a pregnant woman. 

In some cases they can cause miscarriage, stillbirth and premature delivery.

Bacteria called Listeria can live in refrigerated environments. 

Raw fish and meat

Avoid uncooked meats and fish e.g. Sushi as they can contain salmonella, which is a potentially harmful disease, which can cause miscarriage related complications!

What you should and shouldn’t do during pregnancy - Breastfeeding Needs

Raw eggs

Avoid mayonnaise and other egg-based sauces.  Raw egg can contain Salmonella. 


Avoid too many sugary drinks, cups of tea and coffee.  These drinks will work in the reverse and will actually dehydrate you.

Coffee and Tea also contain caffeine.  Caffeine is a stimulant and if drunk in access (more than 3 cups a day) it can cause both your and baby's heart rate to increase.

Over exerting yourself

When deciding on an exercise routine, take into account your current fitness levels.

Choose a program that encourages fitness and builds a strong body slowly.

Avoid vigorous exercise that can make you feel ill, pass out or overheat.

Hot showers/saunas

Hot environments are a bad idea.  The heat is dangerous to a pregnant woman and can very quickly make her feel faint and unwell.

Keep water temperatures to a warm temperature only and avoid unventilated rooms.

Cleaning products

Avoid using smelly chemicals where possible.  Use rubber gloves and a facemask to avoid inhaling the fumes. 

Opt for eco-friendly cleaners and avoid contact with your skin.


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