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What is the Noom Weight Loss Program?

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There has been so much buzz about the Noom weight loss program lately.

I am in quite a few fitness groups where I see people asking about it all the time.

Although I was not seeking out a weight loss program I jumped on the chance to try it out, and did a trial to see how it worked.

In particular I think the Noom app is a great weight loss program for a breastfeeding or postpartum mom. There are no major restrictions or specific plans to follow.

Noom is more about teaching you the psychology behind weight loss, and our behavior when it comes to food and eating. And, while they do encourage healthier food choices no types of food are restricted.

What is the Noom Weight Loss

How does the Noom app work?

When I signed up I was led through a series of questions about my lifestyle and habits. I believe this helps Noom target a plan to you and get you going.

Once I got the Noom app and logged in, I was able to configure things a little more like setting my current weight, my goal weight, and other personal settings.

Noom weight loss plan and app

There is a personal health coach who reaches out and guides you through the program.

I spoke to my coach every other day or so, she was helpful in guiding me through the program and had lots of tips for helping me keep on track.

Noom weight loss plan and app

Each day you can log your food in the Noom app. You can also log your weight, your exercise for the day which I was able to import from my Apple watch, and what you ate for each meal and snacks.

Unlike other fitness trackers the Noom app does not give me the macros of my foods which I kind of missed.

It assigns foods to a category of green, yellow, or red and it does still show the calories per serving, and my daily total calories.

Green foods are foods which are obviously healthy and fill you up with less calories like fruits and vegetables.

Yellow foods are the in between foods which you eat the most, and red foods are the unhealthier choices which you can totally still enjoy but in smaller quantities.

Noom weight loss plan and app

In addition to logging these foods and learning which ones you should eat more of and which ones you should eat less, you can talk with your coach for help and advice, and each day has a series of articles to read and activities to get you thinking about your food choices and what is behind your choices.

This is the part of the Noom plan which is different and I have not seen before. Learning the reasons behind our eating habits and how to manage them for life is an important skill to learn.

We don't want to just change our diet temporarily and then put the weight back on, we want to learn good habits for life!

As the plan progressed I joined a support group within the app which included other members so we could discuss our successes, and learn more from each other.

Who is the Noom weight loss plan for?

Postpartum or breastfeeding moms! I love Noom for moms because there are really no restrictions. I tried to join Weight Watchers after I had my first baby and there was not a plan available for a breastfeeding mom. I am not sure if this has changed since then but it was discouraging.

While it's not recommended to diet per-say while breastfeeding, there is nothing wrong with hoping to eat healthier and shed a little of the weight put on during pregnancy.

Noom is also for athletes who want to see more results from their hard work. I am huge Peloton fan and member, and I know many of my fellow members enjoy Noom to help learn the skills necessary to eat the right way when working out and get results.

There is nothing more frustrating then starting a pretty hard exercise program and seeing no results because your eating habits have not changed.

I have learned the hard way that exercise alone does not magically make weight loss happen sadly. It is still worth it though totally, you can read more about getting started with Peloton here if interested.

Noom weight loss plan and app

Noom is for anyone who wants to lose a lot of weight, lose a little, or just learn healthier habits. I love the color coding for foods, going beyond calorie counting only made me aware of how the foods I eat affect me beyond just losing weight.

Noom is also for anyone who is sick of trying to figure out what to eat and failing. This is me, Keto, plant based, intermittent fasting, I have tried some versions of all of these with no success. Extreme just doesn't work for me. I am an everything in moderation kind of person.


The Noom weight loss program is different than more extreme ways of dieting because it teaches us the pyschological reasons we eat the way we do, and is targeted at long term weight long loss.

Noom wraps up food tracking, virtual coaching, group support, food education, it even has a recipe section all in one.

And the app makes it beyond easy to record everything on your phone throughout the day. This is key for me, as a busy mom to three, I am on my phone but never in one place all day long.

If you are interested in checking it out please use my 14 day trial link here! You have nothing to lose checking it out.

Try Noom's 14 Day Trial!

And please do let me know if you have any questions about the Noom weight loss plan and app at all.