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The Best Things About Being Pregnant

Okay, let's face it. Being pregnant can really be tough. There is the fatigue and nausea of the first trimester, and then the aches and pains and incredible discomfort of the third trimester. The stress of all the tests and doctor visits. I could go on and on (and probably will in another post). So, I thought it might be fun to focus on some of the better things about being pregnant.

Despite all of the pregnant misery, I did actually enjoy pregnancy for the most part. Here is my list of some of the best things about being pregnant.


Growing a baby

Yes, this is pretty obvious and very cool. It really is a miracle, and the feeling of knowing someone is growing inside of you is an amazing and exciting feeling.

Having a secret

In those early days before you tell the world that you are pregnant. It can be so fun to have a secret. You can play the game of wondering whether your friends can tell that your drink is fake? I actually found out I was pregnant on my birthday. My husband was throwing a party and I had prepared margaritas for everyone. Well, I had to create my pitcher of fake margaritas and hide them in the back of the fridge and hope nobody noticed. It was crazy. Well as crazy as you can get while newly pregnant and drinking fake margaritas ha.


Now you should not use pregnancy as an excuse to go crazy and pig out on everything and anything, but... you can definitely indulge a little. And while some foods are off limits, there are many that you may normally steer clear of and can enjoy without worrying too much. Burritos and gummy bears anyone?


While pregnancy is exhausting, and sleep is super hard to come by towards the last trimester; I always found the first trimester naps and exhaustion worked as a sleep aid. I fell asleep easily at night and loved napping, when I could.

A few perks

Seats on the metro or train. Parking spaces just for pregnant women at some stores. The ability to cut to the front of restroom lines when needed. Just tell people you are pregnant and you can probably do it.

Getting away with special demands

Going along with a few perks..

The excuse to send your husband or partner out on demand for specific cravings. I specifically recall sending my husband out for a handful of different types of candy bars periodically throughout my first pregnancy. The second time around.. well everyone is too tired from caring for the first kid for that stuff. So, enjoy first time moms!

Attention and kindness, including from strangers

People just love pregnant women. Now this also works better with the first pregnancy. Once you are toting around additional children they aren't as kind anymore. Between your baby shower and questions and interest in your pregnancy, you will get lots of attention. And your partner will probably give you some extra attention and wait on you a bit too. Take advantage of it while you can. Once the baby is here you are no longer the star and will have to fulfill another person's every need 🙂


It's just fun when you are pregnant. I really enjoyed making my registry, buying tiny outfits, and decorating our nurseries. I also loved scouring the internet, reading baby product reviews and learning about all the crazy gadgets for babies.

The surprises

The first ultrasound, finding out the sex if you choose, hearing the heartbeat for the first time. It's exciting! Feeling your baby kick is probably the best thing about pregnancy. And of course the surprise when you meet your new baby for the first time.

Tracking your baby's growth

Get yourself one of those baby growth tracking apps and enjoy reading about each stage. It's fun to know how your baby is growing during each week of pregnancy, and will help you feel close to your baby.

The anticipation as labor gets closer

While it is a very tiring, maybe even a grueling period of time right before labor, it is also very exciting. You will be filled with adrenaline, fear and excitement all at once!

best things about pregnancy

These are just some of the best things about being pregnant. Let me know, do you have any to add? Did you love being pregnant or hate it?




Tuesday 5th of May 2015

Loved going through this one. It got me back to me pregnant days. It was the best time for me.


Tuesday 5th of May 2015

Hi Deepika, Thanks. There are some good things about being pregnant :)


Tuesday 14th of April 2015

I loved this read! It brought me back to the days of my pregnancy and all the fun that came with it. We tend to forget the ups and downs during pregnancy but it all pays off in the end :-)


Tuesday 14th of April 2015

Thanks Mon! Are you sure you don't want to get pregnant again? Just kidding! :)