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Pregnancy Skin Care and E-Cloth Face Cleansing Mitt Giveaway!

I was provided an e-cloth ebody Face Cleansing Mitt as a gift to facilitate my review. As always, all opinions are my own.

When we are pregnant or breastfeeding we want to know that the skin care products we're using are safe for our baby. I am a little more lenient when breastfeeding, but during pregnancy I did not use anything questionable on my skin.

pregnancy skin care and ecloth face cleansing mitt

Some of the products we are warned not to use include salicylic acid, retinoids, many acne fighting products, hydroquinone and even some make up products depending on the ingredients. Salicylic acid is probably okay in small amounts but since it is hard to know how much is safe I avoided it all together. Benzoyl peroxide is another ingredient I have received mixed messages about. It is probably fine in small amounts and low concentrations.

At the same time our skin is going through a crazy transformation and you may be dealing with acne, melasma or all kinds of other changes. You can thank hormones for this!

One thing I have found that really helped my skin during pregnancy was exfoliating. It gently removes dead skin cells and impurities and keeps skin looking its best. Exfoliating can also help with pregnancy acne.

A gentle chemical free cleaning and exfoliating option is the ebody face cleansing mitt from e-cloth. I was excited to try it out for my review because I am always looking for new skin care products, whether pregnant or not!

Some of the benefits of the ebody face cleansing mitt according to the manufacturer:

It gently and easily removes all makeup and lotions. It removes dirt, excess oil and impurities from the pores and it leaves your face feeling completely clean.

You do need to use your own cleanser, but a very tiny amount will interact with the cloth and water to create a nice lather.

A natural approach to skin care with no need for harsh chemicals.

Ideal for anyone with allergies to lotions or certain skin care products, for those who suffer from skin irritations, anyone that prefers a more natural approach and of course us pregnant or breastfeeding women!

Once I received my face cleansing mitt I set out to use it for all my face cleansing and throughly test it out. My first reaction when I felt it was surprise at how silky and smooth it felt. I guess I expected it to be a little rougher but it still gave me the feeling of exfoliated skin when I was done. The mitt fits on your hand with a little room to spare. It's about 8.25" x 5.25".

I have been using it to wash my face and remove all makeup, including from the eye area, and it works great. I only use a tiny bit of face cleanser with it and let it dry out between use. It is machine washable so no need to worry about it getting too dirty.

Now, I admit I also use a sonic facial cleansing system and while it's a great exfoliator, it is definitely more of a luxury than a necessity. The same result can be achieved using a cleansing mitt and exfoliating that way. I do not prefer to use my sonic cleanser every day so the ebody face cleansing mitt is a great alternative.

I think the ebody facial cleansing mitt would make a great shower gift for a pregnant mom, and recommend it for anyone looking for a gentle and natural facial cleansing option.

pregnancy skin care with ecloth

pregnancy skin care with ecloth

The e-cloth company actually makes much more than just facial cleansing mitts, they have a full line of body care items and also make items for cleaning naturally around the home.

ebody spa collection

You can find out much more information on their website and social media channels:


Twitter: @eclothUSA


Instagram: @eclothUSA


If you subscribe to their newsletter, available on their homepage, you can receive promotional offers from them as well.

Good news! e-cloth has agreed to give away an ebody Facial Cleansing Mitt to one lucky reader! This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents and you can enter below!

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*e-cloth is responsible for sending the prize to the winner.




Tirralan - Tinseltown Mom

Saturday 20th of June 2015

Sounds like a good product. I entered!


Sunday 21st of June 2015

Great thanks!!


Saturday 20th of June 2015

Thank you for hosting this great giveaway!!


Saturday 20th of June 2015

Thanks Ashleigh!


Wednesday 17th of June 2015

I love the idea of a face cleansing mitt - it does sound like a great shower gift!


Wednesday 17th of June 2015

I do sometimes like to give new moms personal things for a baby shower. I know new moms don't have time to pamper themselves. This would be a nice addition to a Mom basket.


Wednesday 17th of June 2015

So true, I love mom baskets..


Wednesday 17th of June 2015

Sounds like a great product, and I was intrigued by some of the offerings on their facebook page, too.


Wednesday 17th of June 2015

Hi Lydia, Thanks! Yes, all of their products look pretty good. I would like to try all of the ebody stuff personally :)