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I Received a Liebster Blog Award!

I recently received a Liebster Blog Award from a fellow blogger, BrandNewMom. She has an amazing blog discussing everything that goes along with being a new parent. What an honor to be nominated. I had never heard of the Liebster award until I started blogging. Apparently it is an award given to bloggers with less than 200 followers to help recognize and acknowledge new blogs.

Liebster AwardThe rules are pretty simple:


This sounds fun so here we go:

1. How was your day?

Hectic day/week with the holidays but I am trying to maintain sanity!

2. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I love to write and I also love to share my experiences. I hope to help new moms out there who struggle with breastfeeding or wonder if what they are going through is normal. While there are tons of great breastfeeding resources I try to give the perspective of a mom who has just gone through and is still going through it.

3. What is your least favorite thing about blogging?

I really do love blogging, but I suppose my least favorite aspect is feeling that there is never enough time to keep up and give it the attention it needs. Any mom can relate to the feeling of never having enough time!

4. What keeps you motivated?

I love writing and I have found that this is an outlet for me. It's enjoyable and that keeps me going.

5. Describe your personal paradise.

I love hot tropical places. And anywhere my family is.. well then again alone time is nice too..

6. If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

I have never really thought about this but I think maybe a dolphin, or a lion? Either one of those would be pretty cool. 🙂

7. What is your dream job?

I would love to write and have a flexible career to be there for my kids. I would like to be an entrepreneur and create something. And, sometimes I think being a lawyer would have been great but that ship has sailed.

8. What's your favorite thing about you?

I am a very empathetic person.

9. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Flying? This is a tough one, they all sound great.

10. Are you getting tired of these questions yet?

Well I do like to write but yes.

11.  Share one thing that makes you obnoxiously happy.

Squeezing my babies and snuggling with them. I love nursing my baby boy to sleep. And seeing my kids laugh and play together. Guess that was more than one thing.

11 Random facts about me:

I am very afraid of spiders.

I love purses, sunglasses and watches.

I love dogs and have a terrier.

I love the water and would be happy living on or near it.

I am five years older than my husband.

I am a bit of a weather geek and love to follow Capital Weather Gang (If you are in the DC area check them out).

My career background is in IT and I have been in it most of my life.

I have lived in the DC area most of my life and even though I love to travel I really love where I live too.

I love being a mom more than anything but was pretty ambivalent about having kids before they came along.

I knew nothing about breastfeeding before becoming a mom either and had no idea I would love it so much.

I love babywearing; another thing I had no idea would be so cool till I became a mom.

Please check out my Liebster Award nominees

I am choosing to nominate some blogs I have recently discovered and really enjoy. I am sure some of you have already received a Liebster award since you are all amazing blogs! Feel free to just enjoy my nomination or pay it forward if you choose. If you would like to pay it forward please link back and answer the questions below. 🙂

Here are my 11 questions for my nominees to answer:

1. How did you discover blogging?

2. What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

3. How do you keep yourself motivated?

4. What is your favorite way of networking?

5. How do you carve out time to devote to your hobbies?

6. What do you consider your blog niche?

7.  Do you have a favorite book or just a favorite recently read book?

8. How about movie?

9. How many times a week do you write?

10. Do you prefer to write longer less frequent posts or shorter very frequent posts?

11. If you could have your ideal/dream job what would it be?

Thanks for reading! Please check out the great blogs of my nominees.

Taber Babywearer

Tuesday 30th of December 2014

I finally wrote my blog here is the link, Hope you enjoy! xxAshley


Wednesday 31st of December 2014


Veronica Lee

Tuesday 30th of December 2014

Congrats on the well deserved award! Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog! Have a nice day.


Tuesday 30th of December 2014

Thank you!

Lou @ Mommy Sanest

Monday 29th of December 2014

Congrats! Thanks again for the nomination. I think I've sufficiently stalked you on all social platforms now :).

I loved reading your answers. My husband is also really afraid of spiders--so much so that I had to kill one for him on our first date.

Anyway, I also love that you have a breastfeeding blog. When I was nursing my daughter, all I wrote about (on my old blog, not on Mommy Sanest) was breastfeeding--mostly my pumping woes. Don't get me started...


Tuesday 30th of December 2014

Hi Lou! Yep, people wonder how I can continue writing about breastfeeding but it's kind of an endless subject huh? Along with all the other parenting stuff. I would have loved to read your pumping woes :) I love your current blog too.

Taber Babywearer

Monday 29th of December 2014

Thanks for the nomination! Now to find a chance to write mine!!



Tuesday 30th of December 2014

You're welcome!!


Monday 29th of December 2014

Oh ,thanks so much, and congratulations to you also! It's great to have a nod from fellow mums and bloggers. I enjoyed reading your answers and random facts too! Hoping to continue the sharing and support. Emm of Baby-Brain


Monday 29th of December 2014

Thanks Emm!